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4 Concepts you've gotta know in
order to prosper in uncertain times

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Okay, the insider information I’m about to share with you is what most people simply don’t know ... and what some others don’t want you to know.

More importantly, I'm gonna tell you how you can put this jealously-guarded information to work for you to avoid getting stuck in a 'revolving door business.'

So be prepared to hear some candid answers you may not like. I hope you can appreciate that kind of directness because again, my commitment to you is to deliver the truth - even if it’s not always what you want to hear.

Many of the people I've shared this information with are former failures recovering from past scams, failed MLMs and the hype of "overnight riches" and “instant push-button profits.”

We all know people who've been hit hard by these recessionary times. With unemployment over 9% in the US (the REAL figure is much, much higher), it's more important than ever to have more than one source of income.

We're all living in a NEW economy... and whether you realize it or not, what worked yesterday no longer works today, and definitely won't work tomorrow.

The biggest transfer of wealth is happening right now on our planet and despite the false hope we're being force fed by the talking heads in the mainstream media, this is one of the greatest times of opportunity... but only IF you know how to tap into it.

One of the first ways to ensure that you prosper during these uncertain times is by owning a business. These days, more and more people are becoming home- based entrepreneurs than ever before, some by choice, and some because they have no other choice .

Maybe you stumbled onto this site by accident (or by divine intervention)... and I don't know you or what you're lookin' for, but the fact that you’re here in the first place tells me that there's some part of you that's out there searching for a better way...

A way to stop living life based on someone else’s terms and start living them on your own... and if you learn anything from my story, I hope it's this; you deserve to be free (and if you're simply curious about what I'm offering to see if it's better than what you already have, that's okay too!)

I've been fortunate to learn from some of the most successful business and investment minds on the planet who have taught me how wealth creation works in the 21st century.

Everything I've learned over the past 17+ years as an entrepreneur about creating success and freedom can be distilled and boiled down into the 4 simple concepts below.

The best part is, if you apply these concepts and add in a little elbow grease (i.e. hard work), you'll literally be able to write your own ticket to whatever lifestyle you desire. 

On the other hand, if you don't apply these concepts, you'll most likely continue to struggle and spin your wheels getting you nowhere.

The 4 concepts are as follows...

Concept #1 - LEVERAGE

The simple textbook definition of leverage is doing a lot with a little.


Learning how leverage works is the most important concept you need to know when it comes to creating wealth. 


Truly understanding this concept is what separates the poor and middle class from the wealthy.

The poor learn how to use enough leverage just to get by. The middle class will wait until they can look at their life and say, “Gee, I think I’m comfortable,” and then stop adding leverage to their lives.

But the wealthy keep adding more and more leverage throughout their lives to compound their wealth.

Wealthy people understand that creating wealth involves leveraging their time and money... and that’s why they have a lot of poor and middle class people working for them.

Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series, explains how you're either being used as the leverage that's building other people’s dreams (your job, your boss etc.)... or you learn to have leverage working for you.

In case you’re not familiar with it, he refers to this model as the “Cash Flow Quadrant”:

The quadrant(s) each of us is in is determined by where our main source of income comes from. 

The most important lesson I learned from Kiyosaki early on in my career was that in order to obtain financial freedom, you’ve either gotta be a “B” (business owner) or an “I” (investor) or both. The “E” and “S” quadrants should be avoided.

If you’re currently trading your time for someone else’s dollars (slaving away as an employee), you can only exchange about 14-15 hours a day, and hence, you can only earn so much – to be blunt, you’re literally selling your life to someone else.

We already know that one of the best ways to leverage time is to become a business owner...

But when it comes to the home-based business industry, I see so many people out there who are struggling simply because they haven't yet learned how to properly position themselves behind the right highly leveraged business model.

In fact, most of the time they’re running around promoting business models that pay them peanuts when they could be earning 100 times more for the same effort.

If you've been in the game for awhile, you may already know that almost every “new” multi-millionaire entrepreneur got his or her start by promoting a high-ticket (top tier) business model that pays you $1k - $5k commissions right out of the gate... and if you didn't know that, you do now!

I know this first-hand 'cause I've worked side-by-side with many of them behind the scenes and I know their secrets... and like I said, this site is about revealing insider information to you.

The fact of the matter is business opportunities are NOT created equal. Most businesses are built on a flawed business model that almost guarantees fast failure.

A lot of people fall victim to the over-hyped low ticket residual payout paying programs...

But if you think you can come online and strike it rich by joining a business that pays you a $50 commission per sale, or by promoting some re-hashed e-book, think again. 

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) more than 60,000 network marketing companies have been launched in the United States alone since 1963.

Many of these were so poorly designed and managed that most failed before the public even knew who they were. But their failures aren't a surprise when you consider that today many distributors hop from company to company when they don’t get into profit fast enough.

I've seen the cancer of attrition (people quitting) eat organizations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea of "Do it once and get paid for life" is nothing more than an empty pipe dream for most people in the home business industry.

Now, let me make something perfectly clear here... I'm not criticizing those who are currently active in this industry or in a business that's working for them.

That's not my point here, and there may be that rare 1 in 1000 excepti on that can recruit a small army and build a downline that lasts for more than a few years before shriveling up completely due to the 'leaky bucket syndrome' (massive attrition)...

But the blunt truth is that most people in network marketing work like gangbusters and don't even earn what the kid at Walmart does part time. These people waste their time and money on worthless ventures that will at best make them only few bucks a month.

Hey, I warned ya I was gonna give it to you straight up, didn’t I?

Anyways, t here are much more intelligent, leveraged methods of earning a 6-figure income in your first 1-2 years online, which we'll talk about in a minute.  

Concept #2 - SYSTEMS

"Systems work, people fail."

We both know there's no shortage of so-called "opportunities" floating around out there. 

Chances are you've been through the ringer with many of them already and either:

a.) You haven't plugged into systems that actually work...

b.) You haven't associated with people that truly knew what they were doing and were able to help you duplicate their success.

c.) You've been spinning your wheels trying to figure it all out on your own and you haven't yet generated the results that you thought were easily achievable.

The thing about business opportunities is that they're easy to join, but they can be very hard to promote... that is, if you don't know what you're doing.

Top earners have systems in place that do most of the work for them. Without a system, you don't have any leverage to create wealth. 

Analyze the most successful organizations in the world and almost ALL of the energy is placed on the SYSTEM which creates the cash-flow.

McDonalds, Starbucks, Walmart, Microsoft, Ebay, Google... it's the SYSTEM. 

Mickey Dees doesn't make the best hamburgers, but they've sold billions of them globally because their system is so simple that it can be run by teenagers.

It's not dependent on WHO runs it... it's dependent on its own SYSTEM. And anyone can run it as long as they can follow simple instructions.

Here's another way to look at it...

A simple light switch... To operate it, it doesn't matter whether you or I know exactly how it works and how electricity functions... 

We'd get the same results if we only followed simple instructions on how to flip the switch. The light bulb goes on, right?

Of all the business “systems” that exist, franchises have been advertised as being the "most profitable. But they come with a very steep price-tag for most people, especially in today's economy.

I mean, w ho has a net worth of $1.5 Million and a liquid cash bundle of $250,000 just laying around to buy a sandwich shop?... 

A shop proven to only eek out a measly $50,000 in profits, and only after 2 or 3 years of NO profits, having to baby-sit the thing... So it would take (on average) 4 years just to make back your HUGE initial investment.

In other words, you'd have to work 4 years for FREE - Insane! 

And that's what un-knowing people consider a "sure thing"... it's why it takes a large net worth and a quarter million in cash to just be amongst the proud few who buy these expensive low-wage jobs for themselves. Eh, no thanks!

Now, regardless of what we think about franchises, we know that all of the successful ones in the world use some sort of systematized approach.

And the best home-based business systems leverage the power of the internet 24/7, and more importantly, allow you as the entrepreneur to outsource your training and team development to these systems.

But as much as I'd love to tell you that it's possible to sit in your pajamas all day long and make millions without lifting a finger, that's simply not true.

Sipping margaritas on the beach? NOT!

I recently got a call from a gal who confessed that she'd tried like a bazillion online opportunities and never made a dime with any of them. 

When I asked her why she joined her latest program, she said, “The sales copy made it sound so easy - you know, like I’d be sipping margaritas on the beach by now.”

I smiled and said... “You do realize that the person who wrote that sales copy was NOT sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, right? 

They were sitting in a room alone somewhere - maybe even unbathed and unshaven - slaving over writing the copy. Of course, they could've been drinkin' a margarita while they were doing it, but who knows...”

I’m not knocking great sales copy - which is an awesome skill to have, by the way. It just really pisses me off that people aren't being told the TRUTH about what it takes to be successful.

There are a lot of "systems" online that make big claims... they claim they eliminate EVERY human variable and do ALL of the work for you (guaranteed of course!).

So people buy into the hype that everything can be "100% automated" and that they won't have to do any work, which is frankly, bullsh*t.

Do ya know why most people aren't rich?

One word: LAZINESS 

They never fully commit to anything in their lives. They dibble and dabble and try things out, but when something doesn’t work, they quietly slip out the back door and blame their failure on the business, the system, their sponsor, their team, or their company.

Here's the deal... working from home and running an online business is an awesome opportunity. Just ask my wife who I was able to financially support while she completed her Bachelors and Masters Degrees without having to work.

She ’ll tell you I worked hard. She’ll tell you I spent many long hours for many years at my computer and on the phone. But she’ll also tell you that our lifestyle wouldn't have been possible without the internet.

My message has never changed – starting a business takes work. There's no easy overnight route or “magic button." Believe me, if there was, you can bet that I would've used it and saved myself many long days and years of work.

Again, there are a lot of slick marketers out there that are making people believe it’s gonna be easy.

I challenge you to go out today and start an offline business. Go start a flower shop or a bakery. Go for it! 

Do you think it’s gonna be easy? 

Do you think you’ll earn $10,000 in 10 days? 

Hell no! 

You’ll likely spend that just getting started and work your friggin' ass off trying to get out of debt and into profit.

Starting an online business IS easier, of course. And the profit potential is much greater too. But you're still starting a business. 

Just like a rocket ship headed to the moon, you've gotta be willing to put forth the effort in the beginning in order to get the momentum going in ANY business.

The truth is, I still WORK hard when I need to, but once my business grew to a certain level, I was able to have a more balanced life and PLAY just as hard.... all because my system was doing all the sorting and sifting for me.

In a nutshell, here's how I've become successful working from home for almost the last 2 decades:

1. I treated it SERIOUSLY - like a business. It's never been a hobby for me. 
2. I've WORKED my ass off. 
3. I've became a SPONGE. I absorb anything I can as often as I can that'll help me do more and become more. 

That's it... and now I'm known as a "guru", which is absolutely hilarious to me at times!

Like I said before, most people who are promoting an online business aren't willing to lay it all out and tell it like it is in the way I'm sharing with you... they're too damn busy using hype and lies (and just about anything else they can) to cajole people into joining their business.

But I digress...

Most systems do NOT:

* Target the RIGHT prospects
* Allow for any customization or personalization
* Promote and brand YOU as the leader
* BUILD your contact list
* Allow you to profit from multiple streams of income
* Allow you to promote your business virtually on auto-pilot

On the other hand, a proven system gives you the ability to accomplish everything above in order to attract the cream of the crop and eliminate the majority of tire kickers.

The bottom line is there are people making A TON of money right now with systems, but as with a many things in life, there's a right way and there's definitely a WRONG way to use them.

I'm gonna help you avoid the trap I see a lot of newbies fall into. The first thing to recognize is that your system is NOT the first step in the sales process

Any top earner in the industry will tell you that they don't use replicated systems on the front end of their business...

The problem is that many home-based business owners are following people that may mean well, but they're teaching outdated or ineffective marketing strategies that just don't work.

Top earners all know that the very FIRST step in the "sales" process is always YOU... which leads me to the next concept... this is by far one of the most important pieces of the puzzle I can share with you...


If you want to build your business on the proper foundation, then it's important to understand the concept of personal branding and how it's used properly. 

In case you're not familiar with this terminology, personal branding simply refers to what differentiates you from everybody else. 

It's also referred to as YOU Inc. and allows you to attract the right people to join you in your business.

Today, people have less and less time available, plus they're faced with an ever expanding sea of choices when it comes to money making opportunities.

This combined trend has forced them to develop a default methodology for making decisions about who to buy from, who to get advice from, etc.

For most of us, the natural default we use when we're forced to make an important decision is to seek out a specialist or an expert because they know more.

This business is still, and always will be a relationship business. People join PEOPLE and personal branding is about positioning yourself as the expert and the leader that people will naturally be attracted to want to give their business to.

As I mentioned earlier, most people in the home business industry use the wrong approach.

They pitch their opportunity first using a replicated website that only talks about how great their business is or how great their products are...

But if you're promoting the same cookie-cutter website as everyone else, you're not giving your prospects any reason to join you. In fact, they won't even know who you are. For all they know, you're just a replicated website without a real person behind it.

Now, there's a place in the marketing process for replicated websites, but just understand that they do nothing to BUILD TRUST or give good reasons as to WHY your prospect should join with you as their sponsor.

Instead, you need your own personal website (like this one) that gives your prospects plenty of compelling reasons to join YOU. This is how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Back in 2006, I wrote a step-by-step course called, "The Attraction Marketing Blueprint" in which I've taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build a business online using personal branding and attraction marketing strategies.

In fact, s ome of the biggest names in the home business industry were my students early in their career before personal branding became an industry-wide concept...


Honestly, the value of the information you are literally GIVING people simply 
cannot be put in words. Just ONE crucial thing I learned from you about 
attraction marketing has resulted in me being able to build a Massive brand 
in the network marketing industry, and growing a business from $300 a month 
to doing over $75,000+ a month in 14 months on the Internet. 

That CAN NOT be taken lightly...and I truthfully owe you big time my friend.
The knowledge you shared with me, and the instruction you gave played a 
direct part in that. Thanks for being you, thanks for empowering our industry, 
and teaching people the real deal stuff when it comes to being a true success." 
Your friend, Jonathan Budd

There's only ONE you and everyone has a unique story to tell. Every top producer knows that at the end of the day, it's their personal brand that brings in the bucks, not some slick cookie-cutter system that you and 20,000 other people in the world are using.

Having a personally branded website on the front end of your marketing funnel allows you to stand out from the crowd and literally build relationships with hundreds, and even thousands of people all at the same time virtually on auto-pilot.

The unfiltered truth is your personal brand is EVERYTHING because without it, you don’t really have a business... and your chances of succeeding are slim to none. 

These days, people are sick and tired of the the hype and they're looking for authenticity. So p ersonal branding is no longer an option, it's an absolute  necessity if you want to stay competitive.

But creating your own website sounds hard, doesn't it?

Well the cool thing is, if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you know enough to have a website created like mine... a website that's fully customizable and completely brandable, allowing you to add videos, pictures, contact information, links... you name it.

I know a couple web designers I can share with you that specialize in building very inexpensive custom branded websites. And the best part is... 99% of the industry doesn't know about them. 

Talk about having an edge over your competition which is still stuck promoting those old replicated websites that don't work.

One more insider tip that a lot of top earners utilize is what's called a "funded proposal." A funded proposal is a smart way to monetize your contact list and increase your marketing budget.

It allows you to get some or all of your advertising costs paid for, generate FREE LEADS, and put money in your pocket whether people join your business or not.

If you're currently in another home business or simply want to know more about how attraction marketing and funded proposals work, I HIGHLY recommend you watch my friend Mike Dillard's free videos (found on my resources page).

Listen to an audio where Mike Dillard
interviews me about attraction marketing


One of the key things you'll need in order to make money from any online home-based business is the ability to get targeted traffic to your website. 

The aim is to find a ‘hungry crowd‘ of people who all have a particular interest or desire and then simply give them what they want.

You can become incredibly wealthy by identifying a big problem people have (i.e. not making enough money) and then offering them a solution that solves that problem.

Simple formula, right?

The thing is, every single day THOUSANDS of people - who represent a VERY hungry crowd - are logging onto the internet to solve one MAJOR problem...

And all you have to do is learn how to feed them, and more importantly feed them something that will truly nourish them.

Thousands of people are coming online everyday looking for a BUSINESS and soon to be millions !

But not just any business…

They are looking for a proven vehicle to create freedom (which is exactly what I have) and once you figure out how to position yourself directly in front of them with the right vehicle there is absolutely no end to the amount of wealth you can create.

It’s like having a license to print your own money, literally.

This is exactly what I teach my partners and students on a daily basis because it works. It's worked for newbies and it's worked for people who have failed in other opportunities.


How to Evaluate ANY Business Opportunity - The BIG Questions to Ask Before You Spend a Dime!

Most people fail in choosing a good income opportunity because they're asking the wrong questions... or worse yet, none at all. I've been listening to my worldwide friends and customers since 1998 and have learned one common theme: As badly as everyone wants to succeed, it seems that everyone has at least one horror story under their belt.

So, here's the general formula or 'criteria' I use when considering an online passive or active income opportunity these days.

Do these sound familiar to you:

"I sent in my money and then never heard from them again."

"The program didn't work."

"They promised to help me but, once they got my money, they wouldn't help me."

"They didn't tell me how much it cost."

Too Many People Buy The Dream, But Not The Process

Success doesn't happen like the headlines promise; it takes time and planning, but you can get off to a good start if you will ask - THE FOUR QUESTIONS THAT YOU MUST ASK FIRST:

1. What's the true up front cost? Sometimes you're told you can enter a program for $100 or so, but not told you'll have to buy a website, a marketing package, leads, advertising, and lots of other stuff.

2. What will it cost to market? This is the one that stops most people cold. Marketing is a science, not just placing an ad. I remember one man who told people he was making $25,000 per month, but didn't tell them he was spending $18,000 every month to make that $25,000.

Also, some programs require lots of internet expertise and cost to succeed. The cost to enroll is often only a very small part of the overall cost, especially in non-passive programs.

3. Do you have a specific, proven marketing plan? What exactly must you do to succeed? There are newspaper and magazine ads, adwords, email marketing, banners, and lots of other places to throw your money down the drain. Can the person offering you an opportunity provide you with a clear marketing plan that has produced a specific result, and can you afford to execute the plan?

4. Will you be mentored by someone who's actually made money with the program? The first three questions are important but this one is critical. My experience has been that many marketers haven't succeeded with the program they offer, so how can they possibly teach you how to be successful with it?

I've personally researched, tested, invested in, and profited from my programs BEFORE offering them. (This is also why I offer very few programs; many just won't work!)

Below are a whole bunch of additional questions I suggest you consider as well.

[Note: Not all of these questions apply to all opportunities]

1. Who is the company? Does it have a physical street address?
2. Who are the owners? Can we verify their background?
3. How long have they been in existence?
4. What kind of products or services are being offered? 
5. Does the business model make logical sense? Is it feasible?
6. What's the short-term cash-flow or long-term residual wealth potential based on these factors?
7. If applicable, what is the comp plan? How and how much do you get paid?
8. Is it something I can ethically feel good about participating  in and sharing with others if I choose to?
9. Can people make money 100% passively without referring others  or having to sell?
10. How much does it cost to get involved? Is it affordable to  the masses? Is it attractive to the marketplace?
11. If applicable, what kind of marketing system is available?
12. If applicable, what kind of training and support is offered?
13. In doing due diligence, have we heard anything about them,  good or bad?
14. If applicable, are they heavily marketed at the moment?
15. What's the risk vs. reward ratio based on these factors?

These are all the questions that run through my mind when evaluating any opportunity. Each of these questions above need to be answered fully and can't be lacking, otherwise I disqualify the opportunity and move on and keep researching. 

Another important thing to be aware of is that even if you ask the right questions... and everything adds up to what you think is a rock solid opportunity, the company or program can still fail and you can lose money, so keep that in mind.

That's just the reality of getting involved in ANY business, as well as investing in general. In other words, there's always going to be risk where there's an equal opportunity for gain. The key thing to determine for yourself is whether the risk is worth the reward.

When possible, I like to speak to company owners directly while doing my due diligence. 

Part of doing proper due diligence sometimes includes searching on message boards and forums to research other people's experience with a particular program. But here's a word to the wise... you'll usually find what you're looking for on forums and message boards.

I've found over the years that you can never please everyone and there can be a great program out there and, but all you read are some negative posts from one or two people that create doubt in your mind when in fact, the majority of people involved are happy.

The bottom-line is most people post their opinions not facts, so anything you read on message boards should be taken with a grain of salt. 

As a general rule, I don't usually get involved in 'start-ups', 'pre-launches' or any other type of program that use timing or hype to attract prospects... they usually fail within a year or less or never get off the ground.

In the end, you've gotta use your own judgment. YOU, and only you know what's right for you and your circumstances. When evaluating any "opportunity", feel free to use the checklist above.

Make sure that the opportunity you're looking at has what it takes to be there for the long run, that's the only way I know of to have the best chance to create true residual wealth. Another way to hedge against risk is to diversify

I once heard Jim Rohn say that you've gotta plant lots of seeds because the birds will get some of 'em. We can relate this to the idea of diversifying; you plant lots of seeds so that some of them can grow into healthy and strong income streams.

I invite you to look over the programs in my own personal business portfolio, and all the free information, and then challenge me to tell you exactly what I do, what the cost is, and how I'll personally mentor you. Then put away any frustration you may or may not have and get on the path to success.

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