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Here on this page youíll find a recommended list of resources
to help you grow your business. These tools and courses can have an enormous impact on your business.

They're the best in their class and they come with my highest recommendation.
Oh, and in case youíre wondering, yes, I may earn a commission from some of these resources, however I recommend them based off the personal multiple six-figure results I've been able to achieve by their continued usage... and this is what I believe you MUST have to achieve lasting success in your business.




Credit Card Builders

How would you like to get $50,000 to $250,000 in unsecured zero-interest money for personal or business expenses... even with today's credit markets?


If you said "YES!" then I recommend you check out my favorite source I've personally used to get tens of thousands of dollars in tax-free money at 0% interest.

The truth is there's a goldmine of money waiting for you if you know how to take advantage of it. The banks ARE lending and Credit Card Builders can help you get access to tons of corporate credit, even if you don't currently own a business. Call and speak to my main contact at CCB, Ari Page, after you read the website. Click here to find out more.




Magnetic Sponsoring

Okay, what else can I say that hasn't already been said about Magnetic Sponsoring. My buddy Mike Dillard has a reputation for over-delivering and I consider this course to be the foundation for learning how to become the hunted instead of the hunter.


The beauty of Magnetic Sponsoring is it offers low cost, high value marketing education that teaches the value of YOU Inc.





Traffic Formula 2

Mike Dillard's famous updated version of the original "MLM Traffic Formula." Learn how to create endless leads, and cash-flow for ANY online business (not just MLM).


You'll learn techniques so secret that you may even out-perform some of the top lead companies. I consider this course a must-have if you're serious about learning how to generate your own leads (which you should be!).





What's Working Now

What's working now is Mike Dillard's all-in-one solution that'll provide you with the inside scoop on what the most successful leaders in the home biz industry are doing right NOW to build their business online!


You get monthly step-by-step videos that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to apply the latest marketing  techniques in less time and at a fraction of the cost then if you were to explore and purchase them separately and on your own.







One of the biggest problems newbies have in the beginning is not having a list to promote their offers to. I've used ViralUrl for years (and still do!) to generate high-quality opt-in leads and sales on a regular basis.


As a Gold or Platinum member, you can send out your email ad to an active list of 3,000 - 6,000 random members every 3 days! You can also purchase larger email blasts as well - highly recommended!





Classified Ad Central

CAC offers a one-stop shop for everything related to generating traffic and leads for your business. Their Ultimate Advertising Package is the most popular one since it's 100% turn-key and includes over $1,000 in advertising value for a fraction of the cost.


Plus, as an added bonus with their service, they'll even write your ad copy for you. So if you're not sure how to create your ad, just provide them with your website url or the gist of your ad copy and they'll take care of the rest. And if you prefer to use specific ad copy, that's fine too. I've used CAC for years and recommend you give them a try.





US Freeads

Great site for a newbie with no website! Also great for advanced marketers as Google adores UsFreeAds. One of the primary advantages of UsFreeAds is direct linking to a merchant (like paypal) is allowed... and you can write an ad, instead of a whole article.


When you do that, a paragraph from your ad can show up in on the first page of Google easily... just remember to put your keyword phrase as the title. As a Premium Member, I use their Featured Ads to generate tons of leads.





Free Blog Factory

Want to start a blog to promote your business, but don't know where to start?

Well, my friends over at Free Blog Factory have stripped down secrets of building high-functioning self-hosted blogs into simple, easy to understand
language that even my MOTHER could use, seriously!

Not only can they help you set up your first blog quickly, but they also provide videos that'll walk you step-by-step through all the core fundamentals, so you can plug into the hottest blogging strategies.



  Super Affiliate Handbook
I've been a huge fan of Rosalind Gardner for many years. Her Super Affiliate Handbook was one of the first courses I bought to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Iíve been doing affiliate marketing on some level for over 10 years, but this is one of the best overall ebooks I can recommend to anyone interested in making great money as an affiliate.



  Home Business Tax Savings Manual
This was the first manual I read on how to save money on my taxes that I actually understood. It's packed with easy to use explanations.

Congress has told the IRS to reimburse you for your sign-up fees, product purchases, marketing materials, and even out-of-pocket costs. Get this manual and find out how to collect and keep more of what you make instead of handing it over the Uncle Sam.


  Attraction Marketing Blueprint
Okay, I realize I'm tootin' my own horn here, but I believe my attraction marketing and personal branding course is one of the most complete step-by-step guides you'll ever find online.

Here's what 7-figure earner Jonathan Budd has to say:


Honestly, the value of the information you are literally GIVING people simply 
cannot be put in words. Just ONE crucial thing I learned from you about 
attraction marketing has resulted in me being able to build a Massive brand 
in the network marketing industry, and growing a business from $300 a month 
to doing over $75,000+ a month in 14 months on the Internet. 

That CAN NOT be taken lightly... and I truthfully owe you big time my friend.
The knowledge you shared with me, and the instruction you gave played a 
direct part in that. Thanks for being you, thanks for empowering our industry, 
and teaching people the real deal stuff when it comes to being a true success." 
Your friend, Jonathan Budd





I've been using these drop cards since 1998 and they rock! They're $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100 bills half folded and inside is a small TEASER ad for your opportunity.


They look like the real thing and are especially great for building your network marketing or direct sales business offline when you're out and about or just running errands.







Automatic Article Submitter

I've used article marketing for many years and it continues to be one of my favorite strategies for generating an ongoing stream of targeted traffic to promote my various websites.


Automatic Article Submitter is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to create hundreds of high-quality backlinks with the simple click of a button.

Click here to pick up Automatic Article Submitter and get ready to start generating some serious traffic.





My Article Network

This is the "secret weapon" that many of the most successful marketers in the industry use to turbo charge their article submission results.


It compliments the Automatic Article Submitter software above nicely in that you can copy the same articles that you  create with the Automatic Article Submitter, and then pop them into My Article Network.


Then the service will distribute the articles through their network of over 10,000 blogs gradually for as long as they remain in the system. The primary function of this product is keeping your website page rankings very high. Click here to check out My Article Network.



Lead Harvesting Tools:


Target keywords or industries and produce thousands of leads within seconds. Produce multiple lists daily, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. NetExtractor a llows you to extract leads from all cities and states including Canada from CraigsList, BackPage, AdLandPro, OLX, EBay Classifieds (Kijiji), Inet Giant, & Direct Matches. It's a must-have tool for generating your own free leads.


Lead Contact Tools:


If you've ever thought about doing voice broadcasting to reach prospects, I strongly recommend IBuzzPro for their low cost and ease of use. I've used this company for over 5 years as my primary tool for voice broadcasting. They also have a lucrative affiliate program attached to it as well. Contact me directly for a $100 discount!

If you're looking for a proven and reliable way to email lead lists that you either buy or generate using NetExtractor above, then JmailerPro is the best choice (in my opinion).

This easy-to-use software is web-based and runs off it's own proprietary hosting account. You can even have Jmailer host it for you. You can then blast out thousands of personalized emails to your lead and contact lists without worrying about getting your emails blocked since Jmailer rotates IP addresses on a regular basis. It's one of the best tools out there for reverse marketing to harvested leads.



The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords

This was the first guide I purchased to learn pay per click advertising. It's by Perry Marshall: the Granddaddy of Pay Per Click Advertising. It has all the time-tested principles in order to make you an Adwords black-belt, even after the Google-slap!


Website Builders:




Weebly is a completely free widget-based Web site creator. You can create pages with only a few clicks by dragging and dropping different page elements (images, text, or interactive content, etc.) onto a page and filling in the content. You can opt to buy a pro account upgrade for a small fee, or purchase your own domain, but their free service is one of the best I've ever seen.



XSitePro has been designed to be easy to use, while at the same time offering some of the most powerful features needed by most internet marketers and affiliate marketers, but I don't recommend it unless you have a techie mind or previous experience in building websites since its software can take time to learn.




Internet Marketing Basics:



33 Days To Online Profits by Yanik Silver

Over 250 pages of some of the best online marketing "how to" information ever written... (And the price is unbelievable!) This is a "must own" product in my opinion.


Video Version

An updated and revised version of "33 days" with screen capture video on 2 CD-ROM's. 41 videos totaling over 3 hours of video instruction from Yanik and Jim.




Get Connected:

  Get Connected Report

My Buddy David Dutton is probably the most connected man on the internet. Learn exactly what you need to do to get in good with top professionals and millionaires. Get them to promote what you have to promote and even join you in business. Get this amazing report.


Website Templates:


  High Impact Templates

Looking to make your website stand out but getting good graphics made is out of your budget? Look no further. Sean Lowery from mini site graphics has the answer. Get fully customized templates for your website at less than $6 per template.


Copywriting Secrets:


Hypnotic Marketing

Joe Vitale

This is must have when creating your sales letters.  Learn the psychological triggers that make people want to buy from you.  This course show you the missing ingredient to make your sales go through the roof!  A must-have in my opinion.






Ultimate Marketing Center

I've used this service for my website hosting for over 6 years and Kavi, the owner, is one of the best guys to work with. You get 10 domains hosted for just $19.95 a month. He's got all kinds of add-ons, but the hosting alone has been awesome.



Domain Names:




This is a company I've been buying domain names from for a long time, and they offer great service, but their prices aren't the best.

Website Legal Disclaimers:




Internet Law Compliance - In today's day and age, anyone doing business online and owns a website has got to be insane to not have this protection. Don't get busted by the Feds because you didn't have the proper legal disclaimers listed on your website! Use this simple, easy to use software to generate the forms you need instantly, and protect yourself from having the FTC knock on your door.



Shopping Cart:




If you're looking for a good email autoresponder combined with an adaptable shopping cart system, then this is most inexpensive option out there. Adapts to anything that you need to do in business.



Mini Site Graphics:   Mini Site Graphics

Get top quality graphics made in a timely fashion.  Promote your product in style.  Affordable and top quality.  Customize your website or product with some unbelievable graphics.






Hands down, the best email autoresponder out there. Easy to follow back office, and comes with the highest delivery rate available in the industry.



Conference / Webinar Software:



  Free Conference Pro
Unlimited full-featured teleconferencing.
  • No fees whatsoever
  • Always available - 24/7 secure access
  • 100% crystal clear digital connections
Go To Meeting
Do more and travel less with the easiest-to-use online meeting solution. You can present, demonstrate and meet all you want Ė for one low flat fee. Try it free and discover how you can use Web conferencing to:
  • Give Sales Presentations and Product Demos
  • Meet and Collaborate across the Globe
  • Provide Online Training


Add Audio & Video

to Your Website:




Does Your Website Talk? It can with this technology. This is a must have tool if you have a website, and it's super easy to use! I've used about 3 other website audio/video services in the past, but BYO is the easiest and most cost effective so far. 



This is my absolute favorite tool for whipping up quick professional looking videos that include static photos and video clips.


I've used Animoto for lots of things, but it works especially well for creating "who is" type videos like this one. You're only limited by your imagination.




Press Release Services:



These are services where you can submit your press release for free or for a small fee.



One of my favorites although you'll pay a few bucks for their service.


Free press release distribution service to major search engines, web sites and newswires.


Another free press release distribution service.


Yet another free press release distribution service to major search engines, web sites and newswires.



One of the best resources Iíve found for outsourcing these types of projects is Dr. Kevin Nunley. Heís got all kinds of awesome deals and can have you looking like a pro and getting traffic to your site in no time.



Article Submission:


  A great way to start getting your name out there is to submit articles for free online.







Ezines to Advertise in:

(prices listed are as a guide only and do change on a regular basis)


  Directory of Ezines
(HIGHLY Recommended): This is a directory of literally thousands of ezines that you can research and place ads with in your relevant categories.

You'll have to purchase a membership to the directory, but it's worth the money. I recommend purchasing the lifetime membership because it'll save you money in the long run. There's also quite a bit of helpful information in the directory to help you with your quest.

Be sure to watch the directory of ezines video to learn how to operate and search for ezines in the directory.

This is another ezine directory run by Jerome Chapman.

Top Surfer
I love this little secret weapon. I usually run the solo ads for $39.95 and have pulled as many as 300 newsletter subscribers from one single solo ad. They have tons of great promotional tools, and their list is responsive to all kinds of moneymaking opportunities.

Here you'll find hundreds of different ezines and groups to choose from. They have many different ad packages and prices, it all depends on how much your budget is and if the list is relevant to your content.

Rent-a-list is a company that will let you mail their database of more than 2 million people. They have packages available to suit any budget and I've used them to do inexpensive tests before rolling out a pricey solo ad in other ezines. You may target specific countries and they Guarantee a 50% Click thru rate. This means if you pay to send 2000 emails they'll guarantee at least 1000 people will visit your site. Packages start at just $12.99.

2 Bucks An Ad
$10 per ad to 10 Ezines ($90 per ad to 90 Ezines)

Great place to test solo ads cheaply.
Village Of Tidbits
$30 per Solo Ad.
Biz Site Biz
$55 per Solo Ad, $45 per Top Sponsor Ad
Sendfree Advertising
$47 per Top Sponsor Autoresponder Ad
Online Exchange
$90 per Solo Ad, $40 per Top Sponsor Ad
$120 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad.
The Millenia
$120 per Solo Ad

Work At Home News
$99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad.
Xtreme Marketing Tips
$199 per Solo Ad, $99 per Top Sponsor Ad.
$197 per Solo Ad, $87 per Top Sponsor Ad, $37 per Middle SponsorAd.

Direct Profits Ezine
$149 Solo Ads.

Marketing note: The key to achieving the best results is simple. You have to continually set up a pipeline of ezines.

Step 1: Test as many new Ezine sources as you can each week.

Step 2: Keep the ones that produce and place on-going ads with them.

Step 3: Go back to Step 1 and repeat!


Pay-Per-Click Search Engines:


  Google - http://adwords.google.com
You can get a lot of exposure using Google Adwords, but thereís a bit of a learning curve. The greatest thing about Google is your ads go live within 15 minutes.

Miva - www.miva.com 
Miva is the third biggest PPC search engine with usually cheaper rates than Overture and Google with bids starting at .05 cents. They have a relationship with search engines like Search.com, Excite, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, Dogpile, Bizjournals, Mamma, Cometsearch.

There are tons more PPC search engines out there, but not all of them are worth the effort. To find out more about PPC search engines, here's a great reference website I use called: www.payperclicksearchengines.com

Traffic Exchanges:


  There are two Traffic Exchanges I'm a paid member of. These are 123Clicks and Traffic Swarm.

Traffic Swarm is free to join, and really simple to get started with as well. I have a 'Pro' membership since I like the deals I get and the consistent traffic, but you can just purchase raw traffic as needed without any monthly charge.


Free Voicemail:


K7 allows you to receive faxes and voice messages without being at the office. You also get a free phone number that enables you to have your voicemail messages and faxes delivered directly to your computer.

Great if you need low-cost toll-free numbers.


Internet Marketing Training:

  Chris Farrell's Membership
Out of all the "gurus" I've seen over the years, Chris is one of the good guys that over-delivers. I highly recommend his membership for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing in a very logical and step by step manner.




  Nevada Corporate Planners
This is one of my favorite company I use to register my corporations and LLCs. You're going to get the best service and advice from them. NCP provides you with accurate, reliable, dependable service, and with ongoing support to help you succeed.

Before Incorporating, be sure to read this 42 page report!


Learn Computer Skills:


  The Newbie Club
The Newbie Club has been around for at least the last 10 years and is one of the best resources for the computer illiterate.

One Click Computer Video Learning
If you're intimidated by your computer, check out these great videos on doing everything from learning how to copy and paste to how to build web pages. Best of all, it's FREE.





This is a really cool tool that allows your website to have a real person represent your product or opportunity on your website. They have tons of different models to choose from. You can have a personal host introduce your website to visitors.

Or you can use a model to explain your companyís products and/or services, or to help direct your visitorsí attention to anything you want.



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